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How Does a Liberty Safe Perform in a House Fire?

Reliable fire protection is a great benefit when buying a Liberty Safe.

Here is how a gun fire safe works in a fire. When a fire is ignited in a home the temperature is usually around 70 degrees or room temperature. As the fire grows the temperature will rise reaching 1200 degrees within 10 minutes. The steel body of the safe takes the initial brunt of the heat. But when the temperature reaches 212 degrees the Palusol door seal expands to seven times its size and seals the door so cooler air can't escape and the heat and smoke can't come in.

At the same time, the molecules inside the fireboard release a cooling effect to keep the temperature down. Even the door bolts help by keeping the door from warping and tight against the expanded door seal.

Our engineers have fire tested more than 300 safes in the past 15 years; including many of our competitor's document fire safes. It's unfortunate when some safe companies don't put enough fire board, or worse use spacers to make it appear better than it really is. They literally run out of steam.

Liberty on the other hand is different. We show you the total number of layers in each safe, how thick the steel is, use only the best fire seal and install more bolts to keep the door tighter. No other safe company does what we do to protect valuables from fire.